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About the session: 
Lisa Bainham, Practice Manager and President of ADAM will be sharing her strategies around building resilience for you and your team. Lisa will be discussing the importance of how above everything during this pandemic, it’s about how you make people feel during the difficult times that will be remembered.

Join us for this hour session as Lisa shares her “Three C’s”

  • Communication – communication with your team and patients has never been so different. Your team are looking to you for advice, support and reassurance. How to lead your team remotely, and how to re-engage your team as we reopen our practices and rebuild success.
  • Creativity – We are all experiencing massive disruptions to our businesses and on a personal level, with many things out of our control. How do we diversify during the disruption and find ways to reach out and keep a relationship with our patients to ensure their loyalty is preserved and demonstrate appreciation.
  • Community – Now more than ever we need to support each other. Are your team really ok? Have you done everything within your control for your patients? Can you identify any vulnerable people within your community and understanding what you do now will be the building bricks to a happy thriving and responsible practice in the future.



Lisa Bainham

ADAM Practice Management Society