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About the session: 
Looking after our own and our team’s mental health is now more important than ever. With so much going on around us our brains are struggling to process the information and we can end up feeling very overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. During this festival we will have provided you with a lot of strategies and practical advice to implement, but as we learnt in Steve and Barry’s session, it is also vital that we take some time out for ourselves and find balance.

Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Teacher, Cesare will be inviting you to join him for an hour of mindfulness. Cesare will be sharing techniques that you can take away and use in your daily life including:

  • The principals and practices of mindfulness
  • Beginners guide to mindful meditation
  • Techniques including breath work and body scanning

Please note, this will be a practical session and we advise finding a quiet room away from any distractions in order to get the most out of the workshop.



Cesare Saguato

Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Teacher and Supervisor