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About the session: 
Andy McDougall has been interpreting and using numbers to transform business performance for over forty years. He was introduced to the dental sector a decade ago and could immediately see that dental practice owners, starved of business knowhow, were mostly unaware of the fundamental principles underpinning financial success.

Andy formed Spot On Business Planning (SOBP) with a mission to transform underperforming practices and to help those looking to maximise their exit value. Using tailored financial models, Andy assists dental practice owners to make the right strategic decisions, and the talented Spot On team then works alongside practice teams to implement changes that double net profits within three years.

During this session Andy, along with colleague Anne-Marie will be covering:

  • Cashflow for COVID and beyond – how to manage your cash post COVID until business returns to “normal”
  • What is the likely impact on my practice’s pricing, profit and market value?
  • Returning profit and value to previous levels – what actions can I take?



Andy McDougall

Management Accountant & Business Coach, Spot On Business Planning



Spot On Business Planning