We’re hopeful our Bounceback Festival has delivered optimism and practical take-aways to enable dental practices to bounce back from Covid-19. These unprecedented times are difficult for everyone and the impact that this will have on all dental practices is huge. However, this will also pass, times will get better and you should prepare for when that happens. We are dedicated to getting you, your team and your business bouncing back to normality and beyond as soon as possible.

With this in mind, we are offering all practices a complimentary “Bounce-Back Plan” consultation in the form of a call (or video call if like us, you’re in need some human interaction) with the aim to gain a full of understanding of the impact COVID-19 will have on your practice.

If you feel your practice would benefit from talking through these with a specialist consultant from Software of Excellence’s expert team, then please Book your free Bounceback Review below: