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preparing practices to Bounceback from Covid-19

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The event has now passed but we are offering all practices a complimentary Bounce-Back Review consultation.

About this event

Over 2000 members of the dental community joined us for The Bounceback Virtual Dental Festival. Thank you to those who attended the festival and a special thank you to the great speakers that shared their insights over the two days.

The world of dentistry is changing and although we don’t know entirely what the “new normal” will look like, we do know that the mindset and approach of dental practices, their teams and their patients is going to change forever. We need to start preparing now in order to survive and thrive moving forward…

On Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th we held a two day Bounceback Virtual Dental Festival, teaming up with experts from various fields across the dental industry to share their perspective of what post-COVID will look like; and help others plan for coming out of lockdown. Through a series of bite-sized webinars we offered proactive training, scenario planning and shared collated advice and understanding across the areas of patient communications, business and financials, team and HR, the new contactless patient journey, marketing, mental health and more.

The sessions were interactive with an opportunity to share your own experiences and ask questions, along with the chance to join our expert panel for a drink and Q&A at the end of the day on Tuesday.

Now is the time to lead the way together in the dental industry, to prepare and be ready to bounce-back as we move towards our “new normal”.

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TUESDAY 26th May 
09:30-10:00Ben Flewett Navigating a “new normal”: what will dentistry look like in the future
10:15-11:00Steve Head Taking control of yourself and your future
11:15-12:15 Lisa Bainham The three C’s Communication, culture and community
12:15-13:00 Break for Lunch
13:00-13:45 Ben AtkinsTime to think, Take back Control - SWOT Analysis
14:00-15:00 Andy McDougal and Anne Marie How has the lockdown affected my numbers & what can I do about it?
15:15-16:15 Sara KingMarketing the new patient experience
16:30-17:30 Panel Q&A Preparing for our new normal - Panel Q&A
09:00-10:00Barry Oulton Supporting ourselves & one another
10:15-11:00Guy Meyers The new contactless patient journey
11:15-12:15 Anthony GaskellManaging Reputation as we emerge from Lockdown
12:15-13:00 Break for Lunch
13:00-14:00Henry Schein Dental & Richard Greenwood How to make your practice a safer place
14:15-15:15 Yasmin DownieHow to help ensure you come back to a full diary
15:30-16:30Cesare SaguatoTaking a moment for mindfulness


Insight & Inspiration from Dental Industry Leaders


Steve Head

Inspirational Trainer, Coach and Speaker


Barry Oulton

Lead Clinician, Haslemere Dental and Founder, The Confident Dentist


Lisa Bainham

ADAM Practice Management Society


Andy McDougall

Management Accountant & Business Coach, Spot On Business Planning


Ben Atkins

Dentist, clinical adviser to NICE and chair of the board of the Oral Health Foundation


Ben Flewett

Managing Director, Software of Excellence


Sara King

Marketing Manager, Dengro



Spot On Business Planning


Cesare Saguato

Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Teacher and Supervisor


Guy Meyers

Customer Success & Marketing Director, Software of Excellence


Anthony Gaskell

Managing Director, EMEA,


Richard Greenwood



Yasmin Downie

Customer Success Consultant, Software of Excellence

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The Bounceback Dental Festival was created to deliver optimism and practical take-aways to enable dental practices to bounce back from Covid-19. These unprecedented times are difficult for everyone and the impact that this will have on all dental practices is huge. However, this will also pass, times will get better and you should prepare for when that happens. We are dedicated to getting you, your team and your business bouncing back to normality and beyond as soon as possible.

With this in mind, we are offering all practices a complimentary Bounce-Back Review consultation in the form of a call (or video call if like us, you’re in need some human interaction) with the aim to gain a full of understanding of the impact COVID-19 will have on your practice. If you feel your practice would benefit from talking through these with a specialist consultant from Software of Excellence’s expert team, then please Book your free Bounceback Review here.

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